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Message From Arcangel URIEL - 2011

by Jennifer Hoffman
about specific world and current events

The Importance of the Earth's Ascension
The Earth is the last planet of your solar system to complete the ascension process, which is why your progress is being watched so carefully and assisted as much as possible. When the 13th planet in your solar system is discovered, the ascension process will be complete. At that time your solar system will ascend and you will be able to see the other planets in their true form. This has been hidden from you because you have to complete the ascension process without assistance, as have the other planets. You will know of the existence of other life forms and beings within your galaxy. The ascension will include your solar system and your galaxy and as you move into higher dimensions a new earth will be born for those who ascend and one for those who do not choose to do so. There are those who are required to stay within the third dimension adn assist in additional aspects of the ascension process. They have chosen to do this and this is their contribution to the continuing energetic shifts in the Universe.  All is in divine order.

Hurricane Katrina
This is another example of the earth changes that will occur in the world in order to assist humanity in the awakening process. These events are occurring to create opportunities for compassion and an opening of the heart connection for all of the people on earth. Honor  and pray for the souls that participated in this process. Approximately one million people have given their lives to this cause. Act with compassion towards the refugees and the grieving, whether that involves giving of your time or financial resources.

The Tsunami in Asia
The tsunami in Asia is one of many earth changes which will occur over the next year. Beginning in 2005 you will experience many changes in weather patterns, climate and unusual storms and events. These are part of the earth's cycle. The souls who left the earth, and there will be close to 1 million deaths, although that number will not be reported, did so voluntarily. Their purpose was to create compassion and understanding, which they did. The outpouring of assistance for these areas was tremendous. At this time, the entire world stands together to help the survivors. Let this continue and become the new paradigm for humanity.
Why is there War instead of Peace?
Some of you wonder, if we have reached such a stage of enlightenment, then why do we still have war, why is there so much chaos? Remember that all things in the world are done by choice and each individual must choose their own spiritual evolution.  So for many, the Shift will go unnoticed and they will continue to experience their karma. Each of you evolves at your own rate and you must not judge others' rate of evolution based on your own. As you shift you are able to send more and more light into the world. Each person who walks in the light can decide to choose peace. When enough of you make this choice, war will no longer be a choice. Focus on peace and on spreading light to the world. Be at peace in your own heart. This is the greatest gift that you can offer to others and it will assist in humanity's shift in consciousness more than you can know.

Global Unrest and Overpopulation
There is much confusion in the world today and much social and political unrest. This is causing much fear among humanity. You must remove yourself from the fear and see the situations as what they are, part of the spiritual plan. At this time, humanity has been invited to participate in an unprecedented Shift in consciousness. It is essential that you understand that the Shift in consciousness is one from your third dimensional reality, which is karma-based, to higher dimensions, beginning with the fourth, where karma does not exist. But karma must be experienced and forgiven in order to be fully erased. These incidents are opportunities to heal the karmic hierarchies that have been the center of humanity's existence and indeed, its central purpose in its incarnation on the Earth. That is why there are more people on the planet than there have ever been before, as many souls are incarnating in order to heal their karma, which can only done on the Earth plane.

Sickness and Disease
These are occurring at what appears to be an unprecedented level only because there are so many more people on the Earth at this time in order to participate in the Shift and to heal their karma. Of particular concern is heart disease and there will be many more incidents of 'heart attacks' in the upcoming years. This is because the Shift in consciousness is a movement in your emotional energy center from one of the three lower chakras to the fourth, the heart chakra. Many will be unwilling to shift this energy or will be unable to withstand the intensity of the energy at this heart center. The result will be a 'heart attack.' Cancer is a 'wasting' disease, representative of the fear, negativity, judgment and lack of love that has long been central to the human condition. Removal of these emotions, in the form of unconditional forgiveness, is a source of healing of this condition. There will be a rise in the number of cancer cases in the coming years, as well as other diseases, which appear to highlight areas of the human experience which require forgiveness. 

On a global level, obesity has become part of the human condition.  This problem affects both men and women, but is particularly apparent among women. It is linked to your perception that you are 'less powerful' in spiritual terms which causes you to expand your size in your third dimensional reality. You live in societies whose sole purpose is to control and to keep you in your third dimensional state. Every day you are bombarded with messages that you are 'not enough' or do not 'have enough.' Once you reconnect to your spiritual center and realize that you are an infinite, unlimited emanation of the God Creator, you will not need to increase your presence on the physical plane in order to create a perception of more power.  
Global Warming and Pollution
Your physical lifetimes are merely a speck in the flow of Consciousness and therefore you do not have an awareness of the Earth's ecological cycles. You worry about whether the planet will be destroyed through your wars or weapons of mass destruction or its ecology permanently damaged. Understand that the Earth will not allow humanity to destroy her and whatever damage is done to her environment will be healed. The increased interest in the Earth's ecosystems and the peace movements are part of the Shift. Know that these processes are guided by unseen forces on the spiritual and angelic realms and as more of humanity awakens to its spirituality, this type of harmful activity will diminish. What is more important is that the awakening of humanity is creating such an awareness of the Earth's needs that it is greatly accelerating the Shift. So do not be discouraged by what appears to be a battle that cannot be won because the battle is being won on the spiritual realm. The global problem of pollution is a reflection of the pollution within your own lives. Ask yourselves how your own lives are being polluted through your negativity, unforgiveness, judgment and relinquishing of your power. 'As within, so without.'  As each individual clears the pollution in their emotional, mental and physical bodies, the Earth's environment will begin to reflect those change.

Copyright (c) 2004-10 by Jennifer Hoffman..All rights reserved

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