domingo, 31 de julho de 2011

You are definitely on the path to a fantastic event

07/27/2011 by John Smallman
The continuing progress that humanity is making as it moves towards awakening is truly excellent.  If you understood and recognized what you are achieving you would be absolutely amazed, but in your present state of limited consciousness that is just not possible.  Rest assured that you are doing great work as the moment for you to awaken from your deep slumber approaches.  Truly it is quite stunning what you are managing to achieve while you remain in this slumberous state of amnesia.

We, your spiritual sisters and brothers, angels and guides, take great pleasure in the magnificence and success of your sterling efforts to awaken humanity.  You are definitely on the path to a fantastic event that will, when it occurs, “blow your socks off!”  A successful awakening is guaranteed, and your strenuous efforts are bringing that moment ever closer.
You all know that it is essential for you to open your hearts in loving kindness, generosity, and compassion to all – without distinction – and ever-increasing numbers of you are doing this.  Evidence for this flowering of your loving intent is appearing everywhere.  Do not be disconcerted by the painful events bringing suffering to many and on which your mainstream media remains inordinately focused.  If they were to focus a similar amount of attention on the good that is occurring planet-wide there would be practically no space or time left for their present subjects of reportage.
A wonderful, uplifting, and inspiring energy – the divine field of infinite unconditional Love – envelops the planet and is gently yet urgently encouraging you to open your hearts to allow it to flow through you and to influence your every thought, word, and action.  Every time you find yourselves behaving in what for you seems to be an unaccustomedly kind, loving, or generous fashion, know that you are allowing the divine energy field to direct you because you have allowed it to.  And give thanks…for this is how you will progress to awakening. No one experiencing human life is always kind, loving, and generous – not even the greatest saints, mystics, and masters – which is why you should give thanks when you do, because it is an intense indication that you are softening your boundaries – that sense of separation which you experience as humans – and allowing Love to suffuse you.  The more aware of this you become, and the more you give thanks, the more effectively the divine Will can operate through you, and that is what so many of you have been praying for for eons.
Now that prayer is being fully answered.  Previously, despite your prayers to do the divine Will, you were also asking for divine retribution to be imposed on those whom you judged had offended you, and also God, because you saw yourselves as always in the right with God on your side.  Finally you are becoming aware of the complete irrationality of such an inflexible and judgmental way of thinking and being, and you are learning to forgive yourselves and others.  This was the essential step you had to take to enable you to open your hearts to God’s Love which is continuously offered to you.  Self-righteousness is effectively a self-chosen decision to close yourselves to Love, and until you reverse that choice Love does not reach you and you have nothing to share.  Now, awareness of this is becoming widespread as more and more of you open to this essential knowledge and move into forgiveness.  This is why we in the spiritual realms are so happy as we watch over you and offer you our guidance, help, and love – and you are responding with love as you learn the lessons that the earth plane offers you.
As the countdown to your awakening continues apace, remind yourselves frequently throughout the day that you are infinitely loved immortal beings, children of God, and that you are on your path.  Even if it seems to change significantly and unexpectedly it is still your path, and you remain on it with all the guidance you could possibly need, available to you in every moment, as you ride the ups and downs of the human experience.  You are loved, you are Love, you are immortal, and you are safe, because, as the children of God, nothing else is possible.  You are indeed divine beings, eternally connected to God, and consequently all is well because God takes care of His own, YOU!
With so very much love, Saul. 

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