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Altogether Now!

Following is a compendium of thoughts about various experiences and personalities I’ve come across over the last few months and my assessment of how they not only fit into my own learning experience, but actually represent many of our learning experiences and how they all fit into the “big picture” as it were. These questions, or similar questions, are ones that I think we’ve all asked at one time or another during this whole journey which is leading us ultimately back to Unity Consciousness and Singularity.

How is it that a person in one breath can describe how they fear that someone is trying to take their power away from them, and then in virtually the very next breath say that they have been granted sovereignty/dominion over even the Archangels?How can someone by virtue of realization of their own True Nature (or more perhaps, merely suspicion thereof) not understand that in the realms nearer the moment of our creation (aka Higher Dimension, Heavenly Realms), we don’t carry authority over others or tell what they can or cannot do, but rather everything works perfectly the way it does because we each take responsibility for ourselves and our own actions speak for themselves?We are, after all, All created equally. We are not merely created in the image of our Creator, but in fact we ARE our Creator made manifest… this holds true clear down to the tiniest subatomic particle! I think it is best described as I read in someone’s blog post somewhere recently that we ARE ALL Creator Incarnate. Yes, this resonates with me exactly!!!Then how is it that one person could possibly claim (and perhaps even believe) that they and they alone are Creator Incarnate?Well, that simply cannot be. And I know this to be true (by my perception anyway), because I sat and considered it one day when I was out experiencing everything all at once, and I tried to conceive if it were possible that I MYSELF might in fact be the one and only incarnation of Creator currently in existence; one representative; God Incarnate; me.And then it suddenly struck me how preposterous an idea that was because in fact if I WERE the only incarnate representative of Creator in existence, then that would totally invalidate the existence of every other living being that is or had ever been or ever will be… and yet … here we All are. How curious… So what does that mean?Noting how Creator never wastes anything and that Nature abhors a vacuum, and knowing that we are all at the very least Infinitely and Eternally connected to Creator, it leads quite naturally to the conclusion that, yes, we and everything else in the Universe, whether we perceive it as possessing consciousness or not (and in reality EVERYTHING possesses consciousness) ARE Creator made manifest, or if you prefer “God Incarnate”. It’s all in the interest of experiencing Creation of course. What better way to have as many diverse encounters as possible with yourself than to create a whole Universe around the concept?!WOW!! What a concept!! Perhaps difficult at first to process, I know, but doesn’t it feel good to know that we ARE and have ALWAYS BEEN and will ALWAYS BE totally equal to one another? You are not better than me and I am not better than you! We are in fact identical to one another!! Just as the light of one candle burning does not grow dimmer upon lighting another, nor does the light of any one flame burn brighter than another, IN FACT each and every one of our “flames” burns just as brilliantly in IDENTICAL BRIGHTNESS to the one from which we first originated; Creator. We ARE ALL exactly identical to our Creator in every way!Now, All Together, let’s do something beautiful and fun and exciting with that bit of knowledge and the Creative Power it encompasses!! What do you say? Altogether now… !

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