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World Disclosure Day "july 8"

2011 JULY 7

by Steve Beckow

Stephen Bassett of Paradigm Research Group has declared tomorrow “World Disclosure Day.”
What that means is not that the galactics and the governments will announce the presence of ETs and their ships around the planet tomorrow, but that we take the opportunity to ramp up interest in their presence and expose the untruth that life does not exist elsewhere in the universe.
I’m beavering away behind the scenes writing articles for the occasion and won’t be answering email today and probably not tomorrow as well.
I invite you to consider posting items to your discussion groups or on your web and blog sites relating to the occasion. There is a significant body of literature on Disclosure in the righthand column of this site – articles on the UFO cover-up, the attempts to bring UFO Disclosure about, and the 2012 scenario generally (that is, the reason the galactics are here), Disclosure whistleblowers – all manner of related topics.
Tomorrow is THE day to paper the Internet with information on the fact that we’re not alone and that our space family is here with us, right now. It’s THE day to generate interest in what can only be described as a planetary game-changer and our door into a new and fulfilling era.
The arrival of our space family on this planet will end the reign of the global elite and begin a Golden Age for the people of Earth. It fulfills all dreams of any well-wisher of humanity.  Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Lao Tzu, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy – anyone who ever sought peace on Earth and goodwill towards people will see their dreams fulfilled by the events set in motion through Disclosure.
This is our chance to do some of the heavy lifting to cause this event to happen. If you sat by feeling helpless while severe weather wracked your country because it supported Disclosure, while parts of nations were swept by tsunamis, floods, wildfires, etc., tomorrow is your day to take a step to end the truth embargo that those attacks on humanity support. This is our day to show our solidarity for all who want to see freedom, abundance, and peace on Earth.
So do use the occasion to begin your service (if you haven’t already) by spreading the word about what Disclosure means for us, what it involves, what it replaces, and anything else that will interest those in the know and those not in the know.
I extend my thanks to Stephen Bassett for hosting the occasion and I wish us all much joy and satisfaction in envisioning this event, an act which, by the Law of Attraction, brings it into being that much sooner through the expression of our common assent.

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